Whatever led you here, it was a good choice. Hello everyone, I'm Harmony Melody Pearce, but people call me Harm.

I'm currently a Sophomore at NYADA, New York City, studying Dramatic Arts, trying to make it pretty big on Broadway.

Girlfriend to the one and only, Ezra Eckley.

Bow & Headband Crazy.

Bow Down

I have reappeared from the underbelly of the world…


‘Ello, Harmony. I haven’t heard from ye in a while.


I know, It’s completely my fault. God, I need to get out of this apartment more. How’s it going Rory? I haven’t heard from you in a really long while as well.


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I have reappeared from the underbelly of the world…

Pain and Panic just woke me up, barking..At a cat on the window.

Anyways, happy feelings again! How’s it going?

Chinese || Hezra


There was one thing that Ezra knew that was constant in his life, and that was Harmony. He constantly knew that she would be there for him, and she had been for about 2 years now. He absolutely loved her, though he hadn’t said the “L word” yet to her, but he planned to soon. He was happy with his relationship, not even knowing how he had landed such an amazing girl back in high school, and she had managed to stick with him through the move from high school to college in New York.

He was happy to be able to finally have a chance to spend time with her, not having seen her in a little while. He cleaned up his apartment, putting his dirt clothes in the hamper and spritzing the place up a little before Harmony got here. She was bringing the Chinese food, which was good because his somach was gargling at him and he was pretty hungry. He was dressed in a pair of jeans, fun socks, a v-neck t-shirt and a sweatshirt. He finished cleaning up the apartment and not even a few moments later, he heard a knock on the door, followed by a voice telling him to open up. He smirked, rolling his eyes before opening the door and smiling once he saw Harmony standing there. “Hi baby.” He said softly, taking the Chinese from her and letting her walk inside. He closed the door after she walked in and set the food down on the kitchen table before walking over to her and kissing her softly. “Mmm, it’s good to see you, babe. I missed you.” He said, smitten. 

Leaning on the door, Harmony heard her boyfriend’s footsteps, fiddling somewhere and then coming straight to the door. Chuckling she shook her head as she stood back up on her feet again, holding their special delivery in her hands against her chest, and she saw the man opening the door. What two weeks could have done to one person? Safe to say she knew it was him, but when Ezra didn’t shave, he was a whole another person. He looked.. Grown up? She wouldnt dare to say like his father, since she hadn’t really met him, but she knew that he was much more of a man than his father. His socks caught her eye, God how he was still a child deep inside, she knew it, but those socks were kind of like a doorway into his infancy, and she loved that about him, how they could just sit in his couch, cuddling and watching old Disney movies. Their first kiss had happened after so much, but while they were watching Hercules in his room, back in Lima. God, those places, the memories… She was in love.

Letting the food package go once Ezra took it in his hands, Harmony entered the place, kicking her shoes off by the door so she wouldnt get the floor dirty..And because she really loved walking around barefoot. Walking with him to the kitchen, she looked around. “It’s adorable, you know?” She said as she walked behind him, her eyes on every room of the house “How you still wanna make everything look neat and tidy when I come here, when I’ve seen you in your messiest, Eckley” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck, giggling softly before he planted a kiss on her lips, kissing him back, a shrill going down her spine, the same she got every time they kissed. Pulling away, she rubbed their noses together, giggling again. “I missed you too, pretty boy” She said, leaning back up to press a quick kiss on his cheek “Too much for my taste” She said with a nod, walking away and taking out two dishes from the cupboard, walking around the kitchen like she basically lived there.

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What do you get when you meet two Sams?



A kickass concert. I’m meeting Sam Tsui and talking about the dates and places in California we are going to be at. Also got an email from Kurt Schneider also and we are helping out To Write Love On Their Arms

Holy buckets of oat, Sammy! That’s totally amazing, dude. Pretty sweet run.

Text || Jeff

Jeff: Haha, that's good to hear. You're always so hard working though, but that's kind of awesome. As long as you're doing what you love, right? And LA has been treating me splendidly. It's a nice city, I really like it here.
Harmony: Totally. Good to hear, it's where you'll be based for the next few years, so love the place! How's Nicky?

Text || Jeff

Jeff: Yeah, I managed to meet up with him while I was in the city. Hopefully you'll make some time for each other soon. And classes are alright, kind of boring but we're still at the start of the semester so hopefully things pick up. I'm sure your classes are much more interesting though, how are those going?
Harmony: I feel the same way. Things are so interesting, and extremely exhausting, but they are completely worth the pain and sweat, I can tell you that. How's Los Angeles treating you, blondie?
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In a series of twist events,


I’m back! In every way, shape, and form.


Holy buckets of oat, Mike Chang, as I live and breathe! We’ve missed you so much, man. How’ve you been?

Text || Jeff

Jeff: Aw, I miss you too! Yeah, I hear the workload is crazy over there. Don't work too hard though, make some time for that boyfriend of yours. Haha, and I'm doing alright. Just more of the same really.
Harmony: Yea, I haven't seen him in over a week, and it already feels like an eternity... How are your classes?

Text || Jeff

Harmony: My Blondielocks... How come I haven't heard anything from you in such a long time?
Jeff: Haha, I don't know, clearly this is a problem! Sorry I missed you while I was in New York. How are you doing anyways?
Harmony: Miss you like crazy, Jeffy!. I've been doing good, managing around with the homework. It's crazy, dude. How are you doing?
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Chinese || Hezra

Harmony closed her computer and just blushed. Why did she do that every single time she even thought of his name? Why was he the only one that did that to her, to her body. Make her blood pulse go up, heavenly high and then drop down in a second the second she saw him. They had been dating two years, give or take, and things had really been nothing but golden in her eyes. That name..


Short name, right? To bring up so many feelings, and so much inside of her, and there was nothing she could do to put it off but just let it live inside of her. Butterflies fluttered all around the place every single time her phone buzzed with a text from him. His face on the caller ID just made her heart stop, even the ringtone made it happen as well, and there was really nothing she could do to stop it. School had been crazy, truly crazy. She knew this particular career was hard, and that she’d have to bust herself open to achieve what she wanted, but she never imagined it to be this… Time consuming. Homework was something that she’d take home absolutely every day from every subject. Practical classes were never long enough for her, and study periods, whenever she had a free half hour or so between classes, they’d be taken up in either rehearsing or writing papers, making up choreographies and running through lines. Yes, whoever said Dramatic Arts and Musical Theater were careers that weren’t demanding they never really had any idea of life. 

But this time, this time it was all about her guy. Her man. Harmony hadn’t seen Ezra in over a week, and being together in the same town, it was something unacceptable in her books. Getting ready took shorter than she expected it…. They had been together for a long time, so she really didn’t have to brighten herself up that much, but she still tried. It was freezing cold outside, or that was what the TV told her before she shut it off with the remote, throwing it on the bed beside the small night table that held her closed laptop. Running to her closet, she browsed around her stuff. A pair of boots, jeans, a basic t-shirt and a heavy coat made her look. A green scarf, never letting that color get away from her looks, finished it, and picking up her stuff, she was out of the building before she could realize. Running down to the corner to pick up their regular order of chinese food, spring rolls, wok and that weird, tasty rice she couldnt remember the name of, she got back out on the streets, raised her hand and got into a cab.

The ride was short, and luckily, she kept a spare set of keys for the main door at Ezra’s building, but not the ones for his apartment door. Entering the lobby, everyone recognized her, even greeted her by her name. Saying hello back, she stepped into the elevator, shaking the cold off as it went up, and up. Reaching the floor, she got outside, knocking on the door and smiling. “Hey, open up!” She said.

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